Rates and Services

$70 per hour. Half hour minimum at CADNY, One hour minimum for house calls, 15 minute increments thereafter.

House Calls
Additional minimum .5 hr travel charge will apply if outside Arcata.
A 1hr minimum labor charge applies to all house calls (plus travel if applicable). In situations where a home visit is required for an estimate, and the client decides to go ahead with the work, this 1hr charge can be split - 0.5 for estimate / computer pick up, 0.5 credit towards return / set-up. 
Many computer repairs will need to be performed at CADNY, so in these cases consider a house call more of an estimate, pickup and delivery service. This is to the client's advantage. It is more expensive to pay CADNY by the minute to work in your home than the more reasonable flat rates that will usually apply for services performed at CADNY. Consultations and training are the exception and can work best at your location.

Free estimates if you bring the computer to CADNY, home visit estimates will incur regular hourly rates \ minimums and travel if applicable. Once we know what the problem is, we will give you an estimate and not charge you more than that without your approval. If during the course of troubleshooting we solve the problem a 0.5 hr minimum charge will apply.

An estimate as required (Section 9844 of California Business and Professions Code) for repairs shall be given to the customer by the service dealer in writing, and the service dealer may not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without prior consent of the customer. Where provided in writing, the service dealer may charge a reasonable fee for services provided in determining the nature of the malfunction in preparation of a written estimate or repair. For more information, contact the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA 94814.  CADNY Computer Services - B.E.A.R. Registration #84999, PO Box 4475, Arcata CA 95518. Contact CADNY Computer Services at (707) 825-7264.

Flat Rates

$160 to "Clean Slate" your existing computer. This includes pulling user data (corrupted data n\a, multiple user profiles extra), reformatting the hard drive, Operating System re-installation with latest drivers, updates and core functionality programs (including anti-virus), user supplied programs, restoring user data, optimizing for performance and even setting up automatic data backups, if a backup drive is available. No extra labor charge for additional memory or new hard drive installations done at the same time. We make sure all of this is done right; your computer will run better than it did new. This is the only proper way to deal with spyware, other wonky operating system issues or just the typical computer that has gotten slower and slower over the years. Our clean slate flat rates are reasonable and cover however long it takes CADNY to do the job. We don't use master/sysprep images, a "universal" approach to save time that many other shops use, we spend the time to set up each computer individually and correctly.

$130 to "Clean Slate without data" - all of the above except pulling and restoring user data.

$70 to find you a good deal on a new computer.

$100 for new computer set-up\clean-up. This includes
installing the latest updates and core functionality programs (including anti-virus,) user supplied programs, removing unnecessary manufacturer junk\pop-ups, start up and trial programs and optimizing for performance.

$130 to transfer data from your old computer + New computer set-up\clean-up.

$130 to find you a good deal on a new computer + New computer set-up\clean-up.

$160 to find you a good deal on a new computer + Data transfer from old computer + New computer set-up\clean-up.

$130 labor to replace a defective laptop LCD screen (excluding Macs); new LCD provided by CADNY, less than $125 usually.)

$140 for laptop power jack repair or replacement (most models.) If not repairable or client chooses to not pay additional charges to fix a more severe problem than anticipated, a minimum diagnostic fee of $70 will apply.

$140 labor, plus parts if applicable, to fix many other hardware problems that require disassembly of a laptop (excluding Macs). If not repairable or client chooses to not pay additional charges to fix a more severe problem than anticipated, a minimum diagnostic fee of $70 will apply.

$300 maximum labor charge (1hr minimum, 0.25 increments thereafter - lower labor charge ceiling optional)  for hard drive data recovery achievable via software means - no recovery, no fee.

$850 for successful hard drive data recovery if it has to be sent out to a lab, $200 minimum lab fee.

If it ain't broke, fix it
There was a time when computers were obsolete in a couple of years, but most computers these days, up to 6 or 7 years old, can be revamped with a solid operating system installation and, along with perhaps adding some memory and a new hard drive, be just as stable and capable for most people's needs as a new computer - saving money and waste. While new PCs have come down in price, new is not necessarily the right answer; many people just browse the internet, check email and use a word processor - which a clean-slated "CADNY'ED" computer will handle with ease, for less money, without adding to the landfill.

Question and Answer
We offer one-on-one question and answer sessions, at your speed, in plain english. Make a list of all your questions, problems, things you think there is probably an easier way to do etc. and we'll sit down and sort them out. How do you burn a DVD? Want to put some videos on YouTube? Need to organize your files? Want to get set up on Facebook or video chat with your friends and family anywhere in the world for free? This is a great way to quickly learn exactly what you want to know now, but the real beauty of it is, by the time we've reached the bottom of your list you're going to be so much more familiar with the crazy logic and terminology of computers that you'll be comfortable exploring and figuring out new things on your own when the time comes. 

Loaner Computers
CADNY has loaner computers available for clients to borrow in cases where their computer won't be ready within 48 hours. Limited availability. Ask for details.

Dude, maybe you should get a Dell
Time for a new computer? While we do custom build high quality computers, it's tough to compete at the low and medium end with the Big Box retailers these days. Let us help you get the best deal on one appropriate for your needs. Chances are you will get a better computer for less money by consulting with us first, even after paying us a little labor. This is also true for anything else technology related - need a new Digital Camera? Printer? Wireless Router? The choices are endless. Don't get ripped off or stuck with a lemon! Ask us first. You can trust us to get you what you need, not what we need to sell. We will be up to speed on the best deals out there at the moment and help you get the most bang for your buck. We can also recycle your old computer equipment, transfer your data and set up, optimize and "de-crappify" (fancy computer term for getting rid of all the pop-ups and 3rd party junk that manufacturers get paid to tack on) your new computer and make sure you've got everything you need - Anti-Virus? Office program? We'll get rid of those limited trial versions the manufacturer installs and get you great freeware / Open Source programs that accomplish the same things.

CADNY Computers - For those who want the very best
We also build NICE custom computers for gamers and others with high standards who want complete control of the build design and components used.

We offer many, many other services. We can solve most any PC or Mac issue you have.